Bukhoor Oudh Fragrance Gift Set


Discover the essence of Middle Eastern tradition with Merchlist’s Custom Printed Bukhoor Oudh Fragrance Gift Set
This exquisite custom gift set of ten Oud bukhoor bricks, a luxurious blend of natural ingredients like Oudh (Agarwood), resin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood, and essential oils, offers an authentic aromatic experience.
Each brick, soaked in fragrant oils, encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East, making it a perfect choice for Ramadan gifting, Eid celebrations, and other traditional Arab gifts across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and beyond.
Presented in a sleek blister pack, these scented bricks are not just gifts but a gesture of respect, hospitality, and shared joy. Ideal for personal and corporate gifting, the custom printing option allows for a personalized touch, making each set a memorable token of appreciation.

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